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Wimbledon Congregational Church




Welcome to our church

We are a group of Christians who confess that Jesus is Lord.  We are on a journey of faith, learning to grow in fellowship and at the same time have a positive impact on our local community.  Each person brings their own experience of Christian faith and together we aim to celebrate the Good News of the crucified and risen Christ in the hope of moving forward prayerfully together.


We belong to the Congregational Federation and you can find more information about Congregationalism in the link on the website.




We come together on Sunday afternoons at 3pm for worship in the church but you can also join our service live on zoom and take part.

Please email our church secretary, Cathy at cathyfield230@hotmail.com or see our Contact page for phone numbers to call.

3pm Sunday afternoon interactive worship

19.30 Wednesday evening bible study (in the church and on zoom)

10.00 Thursday coffee morning


Other events are shown on our calendar


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