Learning and Development

See the website of the Congregational Federation for further details about this excellent training course which opens up many pathways to new areas of knowledge and develops skills in many types of Christian service.


The Congregational Institute for Practical Theology delivers a series of local and national training programmes for the Congregational Federation, from local church to ministerial training and beyond.

Practical Theology is what you do when you are thinking, or learning, or praying or acting. We don’t separate the study of theology from the realities of Christian life. Our actions speak of God as loudly as our words, and our courses hold these closely together in study, worship, action and life.


 BA (Hons) Practical TheologyBA (Hons) Practical Theology

Our courses are designed to be Integrated. This means that all our modules are designed to bring a whole range of knowledge and skills together. That means, for example, that you will be drawing on what you do in the biblical modules when you come to do all your other modules. At the same time you will be bringing into your study of the Bible insights you gain from doing other modules of the course.

More than that the course is integrated in the sense that your studies will be related to your own faith and to all you do in your own church. That’s what makes it a course in practical theology.

The Integrated Course is designed for people at every stage of life and faith, from those who simply wish to deepen their understanding and effectiveness as Christians to those who want to train for a variety of ministries.

The courses combine face to face teaching with electronic and distance learning. In this way they are designed to be studied alongside work, family life and even ministry, and to be accessible to those who have other commitments. You may begin at the first level, and work right through over a number of years, or join the course and leave it at various stages (depending on how far you want your studies to go, and any existing qualifications).

The Course consists of the GIFT Programme (Level 3), which is run in local churches and Areas; the Foundation Degree in Practical Theology (Levels 4 and 5); the BA (Hons) Practical Theology (Level 6) which are run nationally and accredited by the York St John University, and offer university qualifications; and Life Learning, which helps you to develop a lifetime of learning, using skills you have acquire on the rest of the course.