News dated 22 January 2014

A Message from Zambia Number 3            Wednesday 22nd January 2014

Yesterday was so hot; I had to walk out to the secondary school in the afternoon, to find the afters school club I was due to visit was jot on. I just sat to recover from the heat before I could head back, not much rain for a rainy season.

I continue to do lots of devotions and did my second first aid training today. I took the service at Sooka on Sunday a small village and ten they had an election for post holders for this year. I enjoyed the chance to leave the town for a while. We visited a lady whose bother had died in a car accident, she had a bad tooth ache and her son had been bitten by a dog. We prayed for her at this difficult time, we sat with her. The next day I saw her outside the hospital, her son was feeling better and her tooth ache was sorted.

 Last week I had been excited about the meetings I had about possible training with those who work in the communities. It feels that nothing much has changed and I am no closer to the meetings, so feeling a little frustrated. I had a meeting with the Rev Manda yesterday and he has asked me to put a report together of my observations and I have started today.

 The children from the orphan and vulnerable children project who have special needs have gone off to boarding school on Tuesday. They had bags packed for them with clothes, bedding, toilet rolls, paper; pens etc, many of them are sponsored as are those attending the local school. Parents would not be able to afford the fees.

Today I had a good conversation about the farm and feel it could possibly increase its productivity, but what do I know about farms? It has given me some ore ideas for my report.

I have enjoyed just sitting and watch in the village, it is all so different from being in England, with Donkeys pulling carts selling charcoal. A man dancing outside the shop to the loud music coming out of the window. A woman with a loud voice, giving a street talks about HIV, AIDS and crowds standing around listening.  Many woman selling fish from an old tin bowl, men playing what I think are draughts, with old bottle tops and little children calling out white man in the local language.

Today I have talked twice about Christian unity as it is prayer of Christian unity week. There is so much to be done in this community that it can only be done by pole working together.  I hope God helps you to have as interesting a week as mine and gives you wisdom to face the challenges.

Thank you for your prayers        Nigel