Nigel in Kenya

Nigel’s weekly update 26th January 2015                Obambo village Kenya

I have now been here for over 3 weeks and it seems like a long time but has gone so quick . Thist week we have suffered due to lack of elecricity I think since Wednesday am . I was managing fine ,but my Phones and Ipod and lap top started ot to work. For some readon andrew had electric at hi house to on sat He took and changed my stuff. The tiolet has cockroaches around the seat thing at night so I have avioded that toilet ,but last night I had something nip me on the neck in bed and I am sure it was a cockroach I saw running away . How it got inside me bednet I don’t know

I continue me time in the market of an evening , having a cup of tea and greating and speaking to as many peope as I can . My Luo is slowly improving and gets a lot of street credit . I am not sure If I should lean Swahili but this is the local lanuage. I am keeping note of my Money spending and I realy spend no more than about £1 a day on food ( I do do have a suppie of Rice and oil , tea and water) I have to get water from Siaya at the cost of 10 shillings for a 5 litra container ths is for washing and I then by Drinking water which cost more . I have spend a number of 100shillings charge cards for Phone and lap top . £1= about 135 Shillings

It is planned that the young people chosen for the Training places will go tomorrow as the money has now come through to pay fees and get the equipment needed . I have done one scout meeting at the senior school and plan to do a session each week on Thursdays . I have met both head teahers and I will be in Tuesdays at the primary school doing a session with Years 6,7 and 8 . The school hs 560-600 children  and onlt 5 servcieable class rooms most forms have between 50-65 pupiles and some are teachng out under a tree.

We are looking at a Kids club fundered by Advantage Africa , I will help set this up. We have had onemeeting with the commnity saving scheme just being set up . I hope we will meet with them before the launch with the savings books on Sat next. The small bsness group are due to meet this week too.

Youth Bible study started this week with young people slowly coming ,but it went well.I preached on faith and works using James 2: 14-26, matthew 25: 37-40 and john 3: 14-17 . Have been about walking today walking to Bar Alingo , great walk greating people and great views.

God bless your week Nigel Lindsay