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A Message from Zambia Number 4            Wednesday 29th January 2014

This week I have had several people come up to me to talk and had a long conversation with a young man a bit the community and the need to develop income generating projects. I had a similar conversation with a few men having a drink one day to find that one was the guy to cut my hair. They we trying to get me to buy beer for them, but were very friendly and had some good ideas about stimulating the village. It is just working out how to harness this.

I had a brief conversation with the Rev this evening and he is planning some meeting for next week which sounds positive. He says to talk through some of my suggestions , this will be good as my diary is empty apart from an outreach with the HIV team on Thursday next week.

I preached o Sunday in the main Church on HIV and AIDS Sunday for the United Church of Zambia. It is great that they have a 4 Sundays a year to talk about this issue. I am told 50% of the population is infected; I tried to get the messages across having met with a HIV nurse to get my fact right at the same time as highlighting our responsibility as Christians.    

I did the Primary school assembly this week and continue to do a number of devotions. I am running a first aid course over 4 hour sessions for those who will First aiders for OVC we have two more sessions to go. There are plans for me to do some other training, on bereavement, resilience, safeguarding and health and safety around OVC and the Farm but dates have not yet been made.

When I leave the farm house I am often escorted by 3 dogs, which then pick fights with all the dogs we pass. The dogs her seem to go round in packs and you can clearly see who is boss. It is usually the smallest dog or the one that looks different. Good job I had my rabbis Jab.

I hope all is going well for you? IT is slightly cooler here now the rain has come on stronger. I even brought a brolly.      

Thank you for your prayers        Nigel