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7th Weekly News Update from Obambo Kenya 5th March 2016

Sunday was my first chance to preach at anther Victorious Church at Bara lingo about 30 Minutes’ walk from Obambo . It is a smaller church with a good active Sunday school which meets before the service; at the end they did some singing, small drama and dancing. I was taken for a soft drink after and given Lunch and visited Pastor Benson’s family and was even give 3 big porpors which I enjoyed a bit of for dinner tonight. They are hoping to rebuild their church.            

I had a useful meeting with Andrew this afternoon bringing clarity to my last two weeks here.

Monday I spent around the village running  a two hour First aid training with mostly woman from Victorious church. Jack and Soline interpreted for me; there were lots of questions and a lot of fun. A few young men from the Church came.

Tuesday I decided to go on trip to Bondo the next town still in Siaya county. I had passed through once, but not had time to explore. After asking where I should get the matatoo, I waiting and waited eventually got a Piccky picky (motor bike) to the road Junction. A nice big estate car there with few passengers and I was shown to the back seat sort of in the boot, still one space in the fount. Slowly it filled up another young woman next to me on what would be just 2 seats , Four in the middle row and 4 on the front two on passenger seat and one squeezed above the space in the middle and half sharing the driver’s seat. It reminded me of travel in Nigeria 15 years ago.

Once all in we had to pay and of course my money was in my pocket and difficult to get to. We then went to get petrol before going back and sorting out more money. Thankfully the journey was not too long. But the return journey had a very similar process, 3 people sat in the boot and we had to pay an extra 50 shillings for some reason?

Time there was productive in the internet café, with better connection than in Siaya, I was able to sort out something for my mobile phone and had a good lunch of kale and ugali                                                                                 Bensons cow about to give birth for the second time this week Part of the Project group Monica had set up in 2013 

Wednesday I did first aid training with the scouts at the secondary school I was able to give 15 pairs of shoes to Children at Kubar primary school. The money was given to me by a lady at the Wimbledon Church. Many Children are not wearing shoes and this can result in jiggers getting into their feet causing a lot of trouble and pain.      

Thursday I had a productive meeting. I have been doing two sessions in each primary for the older classes on planning for the future. This has been about what can you start doing today so you have the funds to do what you hope for in the future. I have been encouraging small business development, so I have introduced Stephen to the Obambo Primary. He did training paid for by us at Dominion Farm and has agreed to go in and run a group for the pupils on small farming, showing them and then checking they do the same at home. I am hoping I can support him with some fund for seeds, and see how well collectively they use it.

The latter part of the Afternoon was spent with the senior school Christian Union. This week Numbers where so high it was difficult to get in the room. I preached on the Prayers in John 17 and our responsibility to pass it on, but also being guided by the spirit and not the law using Galatians 5: 13-25. I do practical things to help them connect and we had a young person being operated on to remove sinful thing and replace with the fruit of the spirit.


                                                                                                                                           The photo was last week                    This week the room seemed to have twice as many


Friday I visited Amani Village of hope near to Luanda. When I went round with the scouts they had been and I missed out. This is amazing project looking after about 150 orphaned and abandoned children. I met Sarah who is now about one and half and has been there 7 months. I saw pictures of her staved body when she arrived and now she is a bouncy baby into everything. Her month got out of a matatoo and handed her to an 80 year old woman saying she was going to toilet and never came back. I may go back again before I leave to meet the young people and do some training in first aid and Planning for your future. 

Only a short while to go I should be back in the UK on 15th March 2016           

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