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Weekly News Update from Obambo

28th January 2016

Today I saw a young man in the market area; he wanted money from me to go back to hospital in Siaya. He had an accident the end of last year on a motor bike and his right leg was very swollen. You could see a cut in his foot and bandaging round the ankle. I do have this problem when people ask for money and generally have a policy not to give, believing that if I had not walked by it would have been sorted in a local way.  I can save and use the money for something more sustainable in the future.  Later he went past me on a motor bike and waved; he had something sorted. It made me realise that we are so fortunate to have a good heath service. Here I have been bitten maybe by mosquitos in a number of places in spite of my spray, covering up and mosquito net. In England if I get ill I feel I have a safety net; here I can go to hospital if I become ill.  I am not sure of the treatment I will get and that will depend on what I can pay. Thank God for what we have.

Kevin and Kevin going to collect water for the cows; this is Jack’s farm.

Sunday in Church I preached on the story of the lost two sons and we had a party at the end. God is excited when we choose to come back if we have physically gone away of if we are reluctantly staying. Luke 15: 11-31. The singing and dancing was better at the end of the service.

I have now met with 26 students being sponsored at Obambo secondary school. It has been great to chat with them. I understand they are a bit anxious at speaking to this strange white man, but it is good to hear their stories so far and there plans for the future. I am trying to get them to think about how they can fund their future education and put things in place. Some have ideas and others will struggle. From those I have seen to date three have experienced the death of their father in the past year. Often they don’t know why. It is difficult to know what to say. I am now trying to pray for each young person I see and they have welcomed this.                                                                              A baby goat/ sheep being helped by Kevin to get milk from mum

Wednesday at Kubar School I did scouts as last week, but this time without the heavy rain. It does seem to be getting hotter. I noticed so many children with no footwear. Stephen thinks it is poverty, or not wanting to wear shoes, their feet are so strong, but it is not good in the long term.

I met with two women who have agreed to be on the board of the NGO here in Kenya. They seem to be good. It will be important to get a good mix of people to help the project here function well in the future. We have the first of the new boards meeting on 13th Feb.  I pray it will be productive and have clear action into the future.

Over the next two weeks I plan to be travelling with Andrew to meet students at universities and colleges around the country. Do pray for safe travel and good meetings with all.   


This was a path down by the dam but it has become a river in recent months. Children are catching fish on the way home from school.   

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