Nigel's news

A Message from Zambia Number 6            Wednesday 12th February 2014

This week I have stayed clear of long meetings and delivered my training on servant leadership for the local church leaders arriving at what should have been Lunch time and going after my session. I tried to make the session interactive as it was after Lunch, but just explaining the group work and then getting people in groups took so long. We looked at 5 passages from the Bible and reflected on what this told us about leadership. In the morning I did two devotions and a practical practice for the First aid and I am pleased to say that the night guard has already had to us his new skills and one of the care people.  

On Thursday I had my worst journey in a vehicle, even worse that my trip in the back of a jeep when a sheep pooed down my trousers twice in Nigeria. The plan was to go on the HIV outreach to a remote village (I must get the name) and we were due to leave at 8.30 and return about 17.00- 18.00. We left at about 10.30 for a journey which took 4 hours, within the first 30 minutes I felt sick and that was both ways. Coming back we left at 18.30 getting back about 21.30. If it had not been for feeling sick it would have been a great adventure as we bobbed up and down in the back for this jeep thing with side facing seats, so holding on tightly so not to full off the seat. We got stuck in mud and had to get out put branches under the wheels and push , we got lost and had to stop I two villages for directions and had one man come with us as we were so lost. The tarred road became a pot holed compounded sand road with deep puddles and then we turned off road into the bush. Well there was a path, but it got lost under undergrowth and then water, having four wheels drive did mean we get through most of the time.

We arrived at 14.30 and started the l clinic in the veranda of the new clinic which is still being built, but not yet finished. I was one of eight on this truck; some have not been there before, but all got involved in setting up and seeing patients. I was given the task of counting out pain killers in to small backs of 60 and 120. I counted out 5000. We had to go or they would have not got medication and with HIV if you stop taking medication you go downhill quickly. They do have a medical person in the village to deal with basic things but the HIV nurse became a GP and saw more than HIV issues. On lad had malaria and by now was very ill. His parents should have got him to the hospital earlier and that advice was given, but it is such a long way and with little transport and little money they just wait hope and pray.

My trip to Botswana has been good and I saw lots of animals in the wild, in this country which is known for its wildlife. Elephants came to the elephant sands place we stayed one night I counted about 16 around the water hole, some in in splashing about others drinking and one big mum showing off her new baby . As they left I was convinced they would trample on the tents in their path, but they went round them. I also saw Buffalos, Deer buck things, baboons, giant lizards, Hippos, Crockerdails, Zebras, and Rhinos.

This week I deliver some training at the youth conference and stay in that village sat night, and preach in another village on Sunday, I plan to do some training with training the counsellors tomorrow and another 45 minute session with staff next Wed.      Thank you for your prayers        Nigel