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5th Weekly News Update from Obambo Kenya  20th February 2016

Sunday 14th being Valentine’s Day I preached on Love and the fact that God loves all of us, whatever we have done. We need the faith, the trust in him to continue on out Christian Journey and that will result us being Salt and light to those around . Matthew 5: 13-16 and Romans 5: 1-11   

After a bit of Lunch I went for a long circular walk with two Hotels to taste their tea and in one I brought two Jepaties one for dinner and one for breakfast God bless our week. I met Benson from another victorious Church on the way. He was telling me of their building project to get brick walls rather than mud as in the rainy season the walls start to crumble.  

Still no electric in house so had to go to Andrews to recharge phone and batteries. The excitement of Monday was to have my hair cut. It can be a spectator sport until the children were sent away. I also meet again with all the secondary students to check the profiles I had done on each and to write a thanks Letter to sponsors’

Tuesday I spent in Siaya after doing my washing met two students on assignment in Siaya one doing metal work and one Hair dressing the third was not well and gone to the hospital. They will be on assignment till April and the back at college for exams. I also went along to the Siaya institute of Technology to meet the 6 students who we sponsor. I was not able to track them through the administration, due to lack of information I had on them, but I will return. I then met up with the scout party from East Sussex and spent the rest of the day with them exploring Siaya. I was able to give a bit of a tour and took them to the place I eat japati and beans, the woman were pleased of the extra custom.    

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