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Nigel’s weekly update 7th February 2015                Obambo village Kenya

It is diffult to communicate so well when you have no electric as my batteries run out quicker than I wouldlike. But life here is going well most of the time . I get a little frustated with the time keeping, but  it does give chance sometime to read more . Life has got a bit busier this last week or so and I have just done a workshop to help those setting up the savingsna dn credit co-operative to get things into place for their 300 + members . I plan to do 2 trainings on Monday and 2 on Tuesday about money, savings and small business. This is for the community in general.   

As you see I have got the football underway , a most frustating experience as I was due to be there to start at 3pm Sat and Sunday. Wanted to go for my Sunday afternoon walk ( what is it they say about made dogs and English men going out in the midday sun?) No one came till after 5pm and by then  I had gone back for a cup of tea . On Sunday they played a friendly agaist another local village and did  well but did not win. They are now due to practice each night??? And have another match next Sunday 15th . I plan to give the other football shirts to the primary school to share and use .


The 9 trainees are now in place at Duminion farms and the politecnic and that took a lot of work to get all the equipment they needed together . Last Friday we interviewed 18 applicants for 9 sponcerships at the secondary school. It was difficult to say to those who did not have a place that they had to look to other ways to get to school. I met with two familes on Tuesday  talk about how they may start more income generating activity ,but they will need some samll money to get hiis underway ,but we will see what they can do in preparation for next years admission . Most people seem to be reliant on hand to mouth crop farming ( beans, maze and maybe a few chickens)


Above you see david age 8 doing his school clothes washing with the calfs wanting to drink the water

On Wednesady this week I walked into Siaya to sort out to photos and do photo copying for the training . It took about 1.30 minutes ,but was great . I came back on the back of Johns motor bike and that was not so great with dust and sun in your eyes. I have now done two first aid sessions with the Scouts, numbers growing ofthis 14 age group. I am now dong Christian union on Thursday nights and had a good time with them this week. For past two Tuesdays have spoken to large school groups at the primary with a mix of talking about  substaineable development about the UK about scouts and singing some songs with them. To day I am due to visit another school again for Svcouts but who knows . Next Tuesday we start a Kids club which I think is more of a youth group with some from class 8 primary who are mostly over 13 years.

I am taking the servcies on Sunday and some are commenting on my interactive and illustative way of putting the message across. Youth Bible study has now had two weeks ,but difficult when the cows walk past while your praying

What excitemnt awaits this week , I hope all os going well in Wimbledon and Wandsworth do take care

God bless your week Nigel Lindsay