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6th Weekly News Update from Obambo Kenya 27th February 2016

I have spent my week away from Obambo touring with scouts to see some projects that they had helped to fund in the past, but have now really stopped. In some places they decided to set a challenge for the local scouts and if they achieve that they will consider helping with some funding. They may be keen on helping the scout centre in Siaya, but we need to see, they have before but a building into which they put a lot of work got burnt and equipment went missing.

We visited two school in Bondo where there had been a female scouter doing a Bee project and sewing. When she died the equipment went missing. Again a challenge was set. We spent a lot of time in Nyeri which is where Baden Power was buried with his wife after spending his last years there. The Queen found out she was queen when stating at the outspan hotel and there is a room which now commemorates BP. On the Sat we visited the Founderee camp where scouts from across the country came. Apparently there was less this year as they are trying to encourage local county camps rather than people travel too far.

Some have tents but many make do with old marques with no poles. The big march on the Sunday was special with scouts from all over Kenya, Canada, Norway, Japan and UK .The renewing of the scout promise around the graveside and then lots of speeches and more speeches and then a few more. The scouting numbers are up in Kenya and they are hoping to double in the next year. It mostly functions in the schools and the education department are encouraging it in some areas and they do education in health issues including HIV and AIDs , malaria and girl child circumcision.

We stayed in Nyeri with an old Indian called Jazz and his wife Satie. A great couple who I have met before in 2004 when I was with scouts in Nyeri. The food was great and we stayed in their old house built by his father in the 1920’s

One night we spent and the country house and the Ark which is on Aberdare national park. We saw there elephants, Buffalo, giraffes, zebras, deer, hyenas and other animals. The Ark is like Noah’s ark, with great food, viewing areas beside a lake which attracts the animals I think with salt added to the water which they want. 

My arrival back in Obambo has been a challenge, back to cooking on my own, with no one to talk to from about 7pm till 7am, but it was  my choice to self-cater.  It is much hotter here than in Nyeri and I keep most windows closed for fear of mosquitos. We have had no electric for weeks and so having to take Phone, laptop etc for Charging. The community however welcomed me back checking out where I had been and wanting to know how much longer I will be with them and when I go when I will return once when I do go.

Thursday I have done some training with some class 7 and 8s mostly 13 years + at the Primary school on setting up a small business, some say they will get money from friends and Family to do someone thing others will struggle. I had a group on 11. I then went to the secondary school to speak at the Christian Union; I struggled and kept out of the way on arrival as they were caning those who had not done well in exams. I hope I get chance to talk about this sometime, but as a visitor I need to except this is something they feel works.

I spoke on the story of the talents in Matthew 25: 14- 30 and Genesis 1: 26-30 and spoke about using the resources God has given us well. The Human, Financial and Environmental resources.

Friday I walked into Siaya which was very hot and dusty. With the contrast between the mud when it rains and the dust now, it is difficult to know what is best. I then when to Kubar school to do some teaching on planning for your future and then taught first aid at scouts. First aid is a life skill which I am keen to teach when I can and hope to do a session for Church woman next week.           

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