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Weekly News Update from Obambo

22nd January 2016

I arrived at Obambo about 2.30pm on 14th Jan. Had made my way by matato (Small Mini bus) from Kisumu Airport to Siaya where Andrew met me. I am staying in Andrew’s old house on Pastor Jack’s Farm and self-catering which is great as I get to shop in the local market and sit alongside locals. Whist setting up I had to chase out a few chickens and today some ducks. I have a cockroach on the floor upside down trying to turn over and I am not keen to help him. We have had some rain each day so far which is different from this time last year when I saw no rain as far as I remember. I will show the house I am in next time, but have not seen so many nappies in the Farm compound.

Sat I walked into Siaya (the nearest big town) to email and get a gas pipe bracket unsuccessfully. It is difficult to connect to internet here in Obambo so a trip in to Siaya a couple of times a week is good.  I  had a ride on the back of a motor bike back which takes about 20 minutes compared with me 1 hour and 20 minutes’ walk. 

On Friday I met with Andrew to plan for the time I am here. We have another meeting on Monday.  I hope to visit and meet all sponsored students both here in Obambo and at their Colleges and Universities.  I have plans to do some activity in the local schools and Jack has asked me to preach Sunday and I am sure I will do more of this. There are a number of people doing practical income generating activity and I will meet up with these.


I visited Kubar primary to set up some Scout sessions and some time with older students on income generation for funding them through education in the future.

The start time for service at Victorious church is a bit laid back to Sunday. It started about 11am. I spoke on Christian Unity using 1 Corithians 1: 10-17 and John 17: 20-26.  Since Jack has had a meeting with other local pastors .Heavy rain is what we are having and that is not normal for this time of year. 

Monday I had a short meeting with Andrew and was able to hand over two laptops which I had reconditioned and hope this is a help to the NGO’s work. I now have a list of all sponsored students at the secondary school and have started to meet with them individually and find out their story. I spend some time in the market area and have had three good conversation encouraging locals in the trade business they want to do.

On Mondays Victorious church has a mostly women’s meeting, for testimonies, prayer, bible talk, savings and sharing. I was asked to speak at this meeting.

Wednesday I did scouts at Kudar school and Thursday will lead the Christian Union at the secondary school.

If you have any questions or comments whilst I am here do get it touch via email and when I can I will tweet   or Twitter pastornigel19

33 Sponsored Students at Obambo Mixed Secondary School