Nigel's news

A Message from Zambia Number 5            Wednesday 5th February 2014

The brolly has proved very useful this week and rain comes with a warning before of increased wind. On Monday I just back to get me washing in before the heavy rain came. With the puddles and some a very big, come the mosquito and I have had to quash several this evening in the house. The ants are making their way in too to escape the rains. My friendly mouse I have not seen for a few days but there is evidence of him in the form of droppings, a biscuit packed being eaten into and the lid of a bottle chewed.

On Saturday was the Church AGM and was due to start at 8.00, getting going at 10.00 and finishing with some food at 16.00. I am afraid that I dozed of some of the time. Sunday was the election of Officer and was part of the service and I got involved again in counting. It was finished by 13.00, starting at about 8.45 with a service too. I had the chance to see Sunday school all the way through this week. I stayed mostly with the middle age group 7- about 12. We are using material produced by Stephen Howard for the Congregational Federation and we have a planning meeting for an hour each Saturday. This week we did a relay game but the concept of a race with the relay had to be explained very carefully.

I had a bit of a tour of the other side of the tarmac road this week getting to the edge of the Zambezi River. Unfortunately I did not see any hippos or crocodiles, but I did see a dead donkey near to the Local government fish farm. It had been stabbed for some reason in the back and had lost a lot of blood. Later I saw the environmental health officer and he said he would investigate.

We have had a very useful meeting with sector heads and local church leaders about the future of OVC. They are due to come back next Tuesday with ideas about the feeding programme. The hope is that they will take a greater interest in the project and Church leaders will do more follow up on the children supported by the project. Today I have done some health and safety training, have been asked to put together a fire policy and distributed a check list for leaders when talking with families about their need. I have finally had a meeting with the counsellors and we have agreed to meet again next Thursday.

I have the opportunity of visiting Botswana for a few days and seeing some wild animals and you will hear all about that on my return next Wednesday, but before I deliver some training on Friday for the leadership of the local United Church of Zambia.         

           Thank you for your prayers        Nigel